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One of the best ways to take in Rusk County's beautiful river views is to take a bike ride. Rusk County offers a complete menu of biking options. Mountain bikers and fatbikers can tackle challenging trails rivaling any in the Midwest. Long-haul road bikers will find endless country lanes to tour. Adventure riders can discover vast networks of unpaved logging roads to explore. Families will find plenty of places perfect for a ride with the kids.

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Snow & Trail Condition Update - April 1, 2018

April 1, 2018 5:25 pm Published by

Snowmobile Trails
Even though we got another dumping of snow -- the snowmobile trails are closed for the season

Cross-Country Ski Trails -
Cross- Country Ski Trail system report fair to good conditions with enjoyable conditions still present during parts of the day.

Today's Report from the Blue Hills Trails - Out like a lion!

8" very dense snowfall Saturday morning. This sits on trails that mostly had a very good base, firm trails that were providing very good freeze/thaw crust skiing before this new snow.

Today's Report from the Sisters Farm Trails - No current report, but we're pretty sure you can still ski.

Blue Hills Trails

Ladysmith Area Trails

Don't forget the Blue Hills Trails and Flambeau Mine Trails (Ladysmith) have snowshoe paths, and the Sisters Farm Trails by Ladysmith are grooming for Fat Tire Biking

Christie Mountain downhill ski area is closed for the season.


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