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The Blue Hills

Long before people skied and mountain biked in this country, the Woodland Sioux called this place Paja Toyela-the Blue Hills. The reason for the name is apparent to anyone who experiences this place in the early morning mist. When you stand on a ridge you can see the hills receding into the distance in various shades of blue. The Blue Hills are what's left of a mountain range that's older than the Rockies. The Blue Hills are worn by years of erosion but still rise up about 600 feet above the surrounding forest. You'll find the area a short drive from Rusk County's beautiful rivers and lodging.

In terms of outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing, the Blue Hills are one of Wisconsin's best-kept secrets.

Throughout the rolling Blue Hills, you'll find trail systems, natural areas and campgrounds. Hiking, birdwatching, backpacking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ATVing are just a few of the activities visitors can enjoy.

Silent sports enthusiasts can explore this dramatic landscape on the Blue Hills Trail System. These non-motorized trails are maintained by the non-profit Blue Hills Trail Association.

The Outsiders' Guide to The Blue Hills Natural Areas and The Outsiders' Guide to The Blue Hills Natural and Historic Areas Part 2 display some of the spectacular landmarks the Blue Hills offer, alongside directions and descriptions.