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Snow and Trail Conditions Update

As of 01/04/23 --

Snowmobile Trails

Rusk County Trails report:

(via Facebook 01/03/23) Snow is falling. Work continues for Rusk County. Trails conditions vary greatly. Early season riding...ride smart.
Groomers have been out and trails are starting to shape up. Crews continue to be out working on clearing trails from Dec. 15 storm. Ride with caution. If you can help brush trails please reach out so we can get trails cleared for groomers can get through! Please stop and throw some sticks off the trail. It's much easier for snowmobiles to hop off and throw sticks off than for groomers to stop the machine and climb down.

-Bluehills Trailblazers cleared Trail 27 South to FATT trails and is now open. Blue Hills are bad and need to be cut out.

-Weyerhaeuser Snowmobile club trails are shooting for the weekend. TBD.

-Neighborly sno-goers snowmobile club are looking for help to cut trails open.

-Flambeau Area Trail Tenders are open but not groomed.

-Sheldon and Ladysmith Driftbusters Snowmobile Club trails that are open have been groomed this week. Still some work to connect Glen Flora to Ingram. The north loop is going to take a while yet. It's a mess. Note: Flambeau Lodge is closed for a couple weeks yet.

-Hawkins Sno-hawks are still trying to freeze 116 to Ingram. A ton of work ahead of them on Trail 12 as they work through the County Forest.

Cross Country Ski Trails

Blue Hills Trails report:

(via Facebook) After the December 15th destructive ice storm shut down our trails, December 26-28 we rented heavy equipment (from Timber Supply & Rental) to remove extensive tree damage from our ski trails. That allowed us to start grooming about 45% of the East Side trails. Now we're gradually opening more trails using hand labor. During the 3-day New Years holiday, eleven individuals teamed up on a trail measuring 300 meters in length, and removed dozens & dozens of small saplings, then about 8 sizable trees. Many thanks to ALL the volunteers this past week that have helped clear tree damage.

Ladysmith Area Trail Association report:

(via Facebook 01/03/23) Most of the west side Trails at Sisters Farm have been opened up except for the single-track section of River trail and the unmarked trail in the Pines. However, Corn and River trail are only open wide enough to get the single track roller through at this time. Therefore River and corn trail will only be groomed for snowshoeing and Fat tire biking until they can be fully opened. The following Trails will be groomed (After current snow) with tracks set for skiing on one side of the trail and the other side set up for snowshoeing and Fat tire biking. North Trail A-B-C, Loop de Loop C-D, North Point Trail D-E-F, South point Trail F-G-H, May trail H-E, Cross trail R-T-P-O-T-R, Middle Trail R-S and Aftter Thought Trail S-A. Note, Trails on the West side are not wide enough for skate skiing. While we hope the trails will be useable after we get them groomed please be aware there are still many small branches and brush that maybe infringing on the trail. If you're out using the trail please be cautious and help us out by removing some of those you come across. Also, please! once the trail is groomed do not hike on trails without snowshoes, boots pot hole the grooming and make it hard for other users.

East side update. Now that we have the West side mostly open, we will focus efforts on the East side trails. The only Trails on the East side that are open at this time is the loop from the parking lot that includes Kennecott Short Cut and Kennecott Long Cut 8-7-6 and back to 7. We have cleared most of Scouts Route 6-5-4 but will not groom it until we get the loop including Flambeau View and Brockbank Cutoff cleared. The east side trails are reserved for skiing only please (both skate and classic). Please snowshoe and Fat Tire bike on the West side trails. We will continue to work on getting the trails open and cleaned up. We will likely be having another workday this Saturday, stay tuned for updates. We also have people out working on the trails most every day if you can please message us and we can fill you in on times and places.

Thank you to everyone helping out and we hope to get all trails open soon.