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Snow and Trail Conditions Update

As of 3/2/2023:

With the recent winter storm we are still planning on having our race event at the Narrows Resort scheduled for March 4th. We will start track preparation on Sunday and throughout the week.

Racers info:

-Parking is limited, get there early. If parking in the main lot please use the northwest driveway as the other driveway is quite steep. If you have a large trailer or parking concerns please call.

-Pre Registration : Just text us your name and what class you plan to run. This will give us an early idea of entries. You will still have to pay entry fee at the event.

-Registration: 8am - 9:30am

-Drivers Meeting: 10:15am

Race rules:

-$20 entry fee per sled.

-Challenge races $10 fee per race.

-All track officials have the final say and rules are subject to change.

-500 foot track, with starting light and 2 visual finish line judges.

-No timing lights, or photo finish. If a race is too close to call, we will run it again. minimum of 4 entries per class.

-If not enough entries for a class, classes will be combined with an alternate starting line for under class.

-Studs are allowed in all classes.

-Stock means stock and improved means any and all modifications.

-All sleds must have a working tether and it must be attached to the racer

-Racers must sign a waiver of liability.

-Racers must wear a helmet.

-Prizes will be awarded after all race have been concluded.


-Stock and improved (modified)

-500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000s turbos, vintage.

-Turbos, vintage, and 1000s may be split into additional classes based on entries.

-Challenge races.

-Challenge your buddy to a race. You call your stakes.

-Challenge races will be ran throughout the day between classes.

Pre Registration or additional information call or text Jason at (715)595-3047

-Please check the Ride Rusk page for confirmation on your trail routes and for updates on trail maintenance and grooming.


Cross Country Ski Trails

Trail Conditions
(3/1/23): The micro climate of the Blue Hills will often surprise you.

Tuesday's conditions were SURPRISINGLY GOOD following Monday's wet day that included freezing rain, then 1/2" rain, then 1/2" of wet snow. The underlying packed powder (that was in such good shape Sunday) did a nice job of absorbing Monday's moisture. Skiers enjoyed very good skating and striding Tuesday morning. With bright sunshine highlighting the ice-shimmering treetops, the trails started to get sticky late morning. Gorgeous late winter day.

Grooming Plans in March

  • Snow is in Wednesday's forecast. The snowfall is supposed to end late Wednesday evening. We'll probably groom that snowfall Thursday evening to set the stage for the weekend.
  • As long as the late winter weather is cooperative - and skiers are using the trails - we'll keep grooming. We'll focus on grooming to create good conditions for the weekend.
  • Mid-week grooming will occasionally be performed.
  • March typically has thaw/freeze conditions that can provide some wonderful skiing. But you need to time your skiing to catch the 'magic window' when the trails soften in response to rising temps and sunshine.
  • There's nice skiing on the Core Loop Shortcut Segment where we recently removed ice storm damage(15-20-21-22-24-25). A NOTE TO THE WISE: for 100 meters west of #20, consider removing your skis and walking 100 strides over a segment of trail that has a thin base (loggers have been using this area to turn around when hauling logs).

Ski the Hills!

-Be sure to visit their website or Facebook page for more trail conditions.


Ladysmith Area Trails report:

(2/24/2023): Sisters Farm trail update. I rolled the west side today and plan to groom and track them tomorrow. Jim rolled the East side yesterday and I made one pass with the groomer and set track today but it is still soft. We may need to go over it again tomorrow. Biking will be soft for a while. Skiing ok and snowshoeing excellent.

-For more updates, check out the Ladysmith Area Trail Association Facebook page.


Christie Mountain

Season Pass Sale!!!! All month we are running our 23/24 season pass sale! Purchase in the month of March and ski all month + Next season.

Get your season pass now and save big - sale ends soon!

-Check out their website or Facebook page for more updates.