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Rusk County snowmobile trails you should ride

Some of the best snowmobiling in the state can be found in Rusk County--start your adventure in Ladysmith, where you'll find trails that connect throughout northwestern Wisconsin. Here's a little background on snowmobiling in Rusk County and a look at three routes to ride this winter.

Rusk County is home to more than 330 miles of expertly maintained snowmobile trails, and Ladysmith is a great home base for your winter adventure. Ladysmith has lots of great lodging and dining options, and Rusk County's trail system leads right into the city. (There are even snowmobile lanes on bridges so you can ride over the Flambeau River.) Trails are well-marked, and maps are available at local businesses or through area snowmobile clubs. You can see an online version of the Rusk County snowmobiling map here.

One of the things that make Rusk County's trails especially nice is our warming shelters--you'll find four of them in Rusk County (look for the "warming shelter" icon on this map). Local snowmobile clubs and their supporters have done a wonderful job constructing these buildings.

Ready to ride? Here are three gorgeous Rusk County routes you shouldn't miss.

Route 1: The Blue Hills via Bruce and Weyerhaeuser

This beautiful longer route will take you through the Blue Hills. From Ladysmith, take Trail 12/27 to Trail 12. Pass through Bruce until you hit Trail 31. Follow 31 and stop by the Bruce Trailblazers warming house, located off Dejung Road. From the warming house, continue to Trail 133 and take that south through the Blue Hills, staying toward Weyerhaeuser. You'll pass another good warm-up spot: the Weyerhaeuser warming shelter. Continue east to Trail 12A, take that trail to Bruce and Trail 12 back to Ladysmith.

Approximate distance: 75 miles

Route 2: An easy-to-ride loop south of Ladysmith

This shorter loop will take you south and east through Conrath and Tony. From Ladysmith, take Trail 98 southeast to Conrath. In Conrath, pick up Trail 99 and head north to Tony. In Tony, take Trail 166 back along the south side of the Flambeau River and into Ladysmith.

Approximate distance: 25 miles

Route 3: A loop to the Sawyer County Border and beyond

This longer ride will make a few tracks into Sawyer County before heading south and east and stopping by the Hawkins warming shelter. Take Trail 27 north to Sawyer County and join Trail 99. Head south to Trail 12 and take Trail 12 east to the log cabin-style Hawkins warming shelter. After warming up, continue south of Trail 25 to Hawkins and return to Ladysmith on Trail 116, passing through Ingram, Glen Flora and Tony.

Approximate distance: 50 miles