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Snowmobile trail information

Our snowmobile trails are closed for the season since spring has arrived! Here's everything you need to know about planning your next snowmobiling getaway to northwestern Wisconsin.

Does Rusk County have snow?

Yes, we've had plenty of snow this winter and trails are in good shape. To see the latest snow reports and trail conditions and a map of Rusk County's snowmobile trails, click here or visit Ride Rusk on Facebook.

How many miles of snowmobile trails are in Rusk County?

Rusk County boasts more than 300 miles of snowmobile trails that crisscross the county. The area's active snowmobiling clubs work hard to keep the trails in great condition for riders throughout the winter. Rusk County's snowmobiling clubs are:

Where can I stay?

Whether you're looking for a classic Northwoods cabin or a hotel with easy access to the snowmobile trails, you'll discover a great place to stay in the visitor-friendly communities throughout Rusk County. Discover lodging options here.

Are there restaurants along the trails?

Yes, you'll find restaurants and bars all along the snowmobile trails in Rusk County, whether you're navigating the routes around Ladysmith or exploring a more secluded part of the county. See a snowmobile trail map with restaurant listings here.