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Ed's Machine Shed-Wisconsin's Plow Museum

An incredible collection of antique plows can be found in Ladysmith. Ed's Machine Shed-Wisconsin's Plow Museum started as the dream of Ladysmith resident Ed Tomasovich, who collected and restored old farm machinery for years. It became far more than a hobby, and he donated his collection to the Rusk County Historical Society so it could be put on display for the public.

Located at the Rusk County Historical Museum at the Fairgrounds in Ladysmith, Ed's Machine Shed features over 40 restored vintage plows and tractors. It provides a look at the equipment that early farmers used to carve a living in the Midwest. Some pieces in the collection date back over 100 years.

According to Ed, it took 20 years to gather and restore the pieces in this collection. He carefully disassembled, hand-sanded, painted and reassembled each one, piece by piece. The collection includes around 40 vintage plows and tractors from companies like John Deere, McCormick-Deering, Oliver, La Crosse and International Harvester. All expositions are in working order.

You can visit the Plow Museum from Memorial Day through Labor Day: Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. Please call Ed at (715) 532-5777 ahead of time to arrange a tour.

Attraction type: Museums