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Snow and Trail Conditions Update

As of 3/15/2023:

If you're one of the lucky ones that gets to play in all the fresh snow today be aware that groomers are out during day today! Great day to ride!

-Please check the Ride Rusk page for confirmation on your trail routes and for updates on trail maintenance and grooming.


Cross Country Ski Trails

Good News = Great Snowshoeing!Grab your snowshoes and come tromp our trails. The 'Ridges Snowshoe Trail' begins just east of the warming house, and will provide a fun challenge. See if you can find all our human rope tows. Click Here for a blog post that describes the expansion of the trail earlier this winter.Difficult Grooming -- Very Challenging Snow StructureOver the course of 36 hours, the Hills received 8+ inches of new snow Saturday/Sunday. Sometimes dry snow, sometimes damp, sometimes fluffy, sometimes crispy? When our groomers tried to roll (compress and pack) the new deep snow Monday morning, they were frustrated by the flour-like nature of the snow that was difficult to compress. To top that off, the strong March sun peaked out and -- despite temps in the low 20s -- everything started to cake up on the grooming implements. 5 hours of less than satisfactory grooming results. Groomers headed home at 1 p.m. Monday -- then returned Monday evening for a second attempt. As of 11 p.m. Monday, I received a text message that grooming was "so far so good". Check the website for timely updates (click on 'Trail Conditions' top center of every webpage).

-Be sure to visit their website or Facebook page for more trail conditions.


Ladysmith Area Trails report:

(3/13/23): Sisters Farm Trail Update. What do you do when you get 10 inches of snow in March? You groom and groom and groom. Jim groomed the East this morning and I groomed the West side. Very soft so we made a lot of passes but with the cold temps tonight trails should be good tomorrow and for the next few days. I know people are getting tired of snow bur should be a good stretch to get out on the trails

-For more updates, check out the Ladysmith Area Trail Association Facebook page.


Christie Mountain

Love it or Lose it? This is the never ending debate when it comes to Christie's t-bar.

As far as I am concerned our t-bar plays a huge role in giving people that unique experience that makes our customers fall in love with Christie. It not only serves up a bit of nostalgia, which I think we could all use right now, but it makes for a quick ride to the top of some of our most loved and most challenging trails. Can it be a little intimidating the first time or two? Most definitely. Can you sit back and relax on the way up? Probably not but you will be hard pressed to find a better view than the one this lift has to offer, and chances are you won't have to wait in line to experience it.

After many years of pleading my case I am overjoyed to tell you that we are finally ready to make the commitment to embrace this fabulous little lift and give it the love it so desperately needs. We've got some great plans in store so stay tuned later this week to see how you can help revive the t-bar! I cannot wait to see this idea come to fruition - it is going to be absolutely amazing!

-Check out their website or Facebook page for more updates.