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Snow and Trail Conditions Update

As of 2/6/2023:

(2/3/23): Well, it sure ain't perfect but Corridor 27 is now open! We have finally made it through to connect with Winter Huskies Snowmobile Club Trail 5S!

Just north of Cedar Lodge there is about a mile and half that is not groomed yet. We started packing it tonight by sled but need more sled traffic before we can groom it. If you aren't comfortable riding ungroomed trail, do not travel.

Beyond that stretch Dee and Greg groomed from Lea Lake Rd to Winter Rd/Old J. From there the trail normally runs in the ditch along Thornapple Grade but this year we will have to ride the shoulder.

This isn't a high speed trail right now. It's 9 miles through of the heart of the Dec 15 storm. It's incredible how many trees were destroyed. There is a good deal of sticks on the trail and "sled slappers" hanging onto the trail.

A lot of trail signs on this stretch have been buried or destroyed. We will work on resigning as we go. Ride with extra caution!

-Please check the Ride Rusk page for confirmation on your trail routes and for updates on trail maintenance and grooming.


Cross Country Ski Trails

Blue Hills Trails report:     

Saturday evening - groomed the skate deck on many of the East Side trails; and groomed Excelsior Road (West Side) including new classic track. Since the last snowfall, a couple of windy days have deposited a mild-moderate amount of trail litter in the form of pine needles, oak leaves, and small branches. The litter is most noticeable close to the trailhead, less bothersome after you ski a couple hundred meters from the warming house. When skiing, flick-a-stick every now and then and we'll all appreciate the community effort. Due to the destructive December ice storm, open trails are currently limited to about 45% of the East Side of the trail system, and Excelsior Road on the West Side. Click on 'Trail Conditions at the center top of each page on our website to view the daily updates and informative maps.

-Be sure to visit their website or Facebook page for more trail conditions.


Ladysmith Area Trails report:

(2/3/2023): Jim groomed the east side skating lane and reports it as very good skiing. We also continue to work on our trail system after the storm in December. This includes the lighted trails at Ladysmith High School. There are a number of trees down and many branchs still covering the trail. Jim has organized a work day this Saturday at 10:00 am to work on clearing the lighted loop. If we can get 8 or so volunteers we could get the trail cleared by noon. If you can lend a hand that would be great. Also there is a fun snowshoe hike of 1,3 or 5 miles on the Ice Age Trail on highway F south of Birchwood near Murphy Flowage Campground next Saturday, February 11. Snowshoes can borrowed from the Ladysmith Info Center at no cost.

-For more updates, check out the Ladysmith Area Trail Association Facebook page.


Christie Mountain

(2/2/23): 6 more weeks of winter...
Thanks Punxsutawney Phil!! We will be closed Friday 2/3 for Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing due to the forecasted dangerous wind chills. But good news is the rest of the weekend looks BEAUTIFUL!!! As always, you can check our website for updates before driving out.

-Check out their website or Facebook page for more updates.