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ATV camping in Rusk County

The Perch Lake Campground is a basecamp for ATV adventures in Wisconsin's Blue Hills and beyond. Located on Perch Lake in Wisconsin's Blue Hills, the campground was constructed specifically for Wisconsin ATV/UTV camping and it's fast becoming one of Wisconsin's premier ATV camping destinations. Here's what you need to know about ATV camping at Perch Lake.

  • ATV riders and supporters made this campground happen, raising $180,000. As a result, it's designed with rider needs in mind. There's plenty of room in the campground to maneuver a truck and park an ATV trailer. All of the sites have electricity.
  • You can ride an ATV from a Perch Lake campsite to some incredible Blue Hills trails. From the campground, you'll travel about a mile down a forest road before connecting with the Blue Hills ATV Trail system. There are about 40 miles of trails to explore in Rusk County and the trails connect to Sawyer County's system, so there's a lot of riding to be found. If you're new to the Blue Hills, you can read more about this ancient mountain range here.
  • See details of your site before you book. The Rusk County Parks website has photos and dimensions of each site so you can make sure your camper will fit. There's also a video of the campground here. "You can see what it looks like before you pull in," said Rusk County Forester Jeremy Koslowski.
  • You can book and pay online. You can see the calendar here. Be sure to make your reservations at least seven days in advance. You'll pay online when you reserve the site so it will be ready for you when you arrive.
  • It's possible to ride to many of Rusk County's restaurants. Rusk County has an extensive ATV road route network so you can ride right up to the establishment. Here's a listing that has the locations mapped.
  • There's more information about ATVing in the Blue Hills here.