Vacation Itinerary

Rusk County Rivers

Jump River

Location: Southeast Rusk County  

Description: Free-flowing, pristine and dam-free for its entire length, from its source to its confluence with the Chippewa.

Paddling: A popular trip is the 19-mile paddle on the South Fork from Hwy. M to the confluence with the North Fork. Another great paddle is to take the North Fork from Hwy I for 10 miles down to the confluence. From here, it’s a 10-mile paddle to the Village of Jump River. From Jump River Park to the Village of Sheldon, paddlers will find 9 miles of quick shoots and a relatively undisturbed shoreline. Another 8 miles of interesting paddling takes you to Lake Holcombe.

Fishing: Much of this pristine river receives little or no fishing pressure. Expect lots of musky, sucker, some walleye and smallmouth.

Birding and Nature: Forested stretches are great places to see pileated woodpeckers, kingfishers and other woodland birds. Larger pools with large timber are good places to see eagles and osprey.

Camping: Opportunities in the county forest lands along the banks.

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